We are Andy and Dave, welcome to our site. We’ve set this page up to host some quizzes that we hope you will have some fun with while we are all enduring the Spring and Summer of 2020 in COVID-19 lock down. Please use the quizzes on this site to keep your brain active and have fund with your friends and families while you can’t go anywhere. You could even video call others and do the quiz together; the wonders of the internet eh!

We do have a ulterior motive too though… Andy and Dave are raising money for Salisbury Hospital Stars Appeal. If you want to support the amazing work that the NHS is doing for the whole country right now, then please give if you can, but no worries if you can’t. Every single penny goes to Stars to support the NHS. Justgiving send it monthly, so it will be used straight away.

The Stars Appeal page for COVID-19 give info about what the charity is doing to help our hospital throughout this incredibly hard time.

Please share this site and our fundraising page with everyone you can so they can join in too :D

A little more about what Andy and Dave are doing

Dave went to China in May 2019 and trekked for a week along the Great Wall with 50 other people from Salisbury to support the Stars Appeal. It was an amazing experience and the team raised over £130,000 for the charity. The next Stars trek is in 2021 and Dave’s convinced his brother Andy to come along too. The next trek is a 100Km route through Jordan ending in Petra. We are fully funding the trip ourselves, so all money raised goes to the charity. It is going to be an amazing trip and we are planning lots of other things to gain sponsorship money. We are trying to do things that give our donors something in return, whether that be quizzes, a helping hand (just ask), a cake or maybe even a leather pouch (watch this space.)

This site is going to be the place to find out about everything we do, so bookmark it and keep in touch.


Dave and Andy