I used to run a blog and twitter account called Post Consumer Book Club (PoCoBooC). It was based around the premise that we should all read the books we own before buying new ones. I still sort of follow the same ethos. I migrated all the blog posts here and will be writing new ones soon-ish.

Ever since PoCoBooC, I have kept a book list of what I have read, what I have left to read and lots of data that goes with it. Ask if you want to know more. Twitter is the best place to find me for that sort of thing.

I started leaving books I’d read in public places when I did PoCoBooC so that people could find them and I could share them. A while later someone else invented Book Fairy (which I am sure they nicked off me, even though they didn’t 🙂 When I was involved in the Salisbury Literary Festival I was the resident Book Fairy and used the official green ribbon to share books from authors who were at the festival. If we are allowed to do another festival I will probably don the wings again.

If you like reading and want to buy good books for excellent independent bookshops, I recommend the Rocketship bookshop in Salisbury. It’s a very good, very green, very rocket-like bookshop and can cater for all your needs, even if you’re not in Salisbury!