Hello Chris, this is a page that I have created that is just blocks of text. I am going to waffle so that there is a lot of words and it looks like a proper page even though it is not.

Lord Foul's Bane book cover. A spike of rock being hit by lightning and a bird flying in the foreground

I am going to put a picture next to this block of text. it is of the front cover of Lord Foul’s Bane by Stephen Donaldson. I have just moved my old book blog over to this new site and all my reviews came, so I have the Lord Foul’s Bane review and the image. I remember that you like that book?

Anyway, you are here for to see how WordPress can layout different types of content. I have already shown you text paragraphs and images. You can also obviously very easliy do headings and other things.

But you want to see code snippets, so here is some excellent coding that I recently did

10 PRINT "Hello Chris"
20 GOTO 10
	25 This won't be read
	26 but it's here to show you indenting

It works OK and is monospaced so that it looks like code. It’s relatively basic and you have to edit it as html to get indenting to work. I think there are plugins that can make it easier to do, but it depends how much you want to use it?

Anyway, there you go. Have fun 😀