These tenets are the bedrock of the club. They are partly the guide of how the club works with a little basic humanity and common sense thrown in for good measure… Also see the main Film Club page for more info.

  1. Events always start at 20:00
  2. There is 15 minutes setup time. The exact point where we are going to start the film will be shared so we all start at the same place.
  3. At exactly 20:15 we start watching. I will announce this on the chat.
  4. We watch through to the end as that’s how films should be watched. No pausing…but
  5. If you have to pause, or get out of sync, no problems, just mention it on the chat so people know not to give spoilers away.
  6. You don’t have to join the chat or announce you are joining in at all. It would be nice if you said “hi” at the start just so I know people are there, but no obligation.
  7. You don’t have to start with the rest of the group and can watch the film when you like. Honestly, you’re allowed to watch films whenever you like!
  8. Be excellent to each other.
Bill and Ted "All we are is dust in the wind, dude."

A note about the chat

When you first use the chat you will have an anonymous name. You can click “customise” and set a name. Call yourself what you like.

The chat is hosted on this website and doesn’t get shared with any 3rd party. It is totally open for anyone who comes to the site to join, although I have admin access and can delete nasty things if I ever have to.

After each film, I remove the chat from the site. Therefore it will not be visible for long after the event. Feel free to say what you like as long as you abide by Tenet 8 above.

Thank you very much

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