We really want to be able to give you something for your sponsorship. If you can dig into your pocket to see Dave hurting after a run, then that’s much appreciated. If you can see the challenge of our Petra trek and want to support us, that is fantastic.

But for those of you who want amazing things in exchange for your sponsorship, we also have you covered there too. Here is where you can pick up exclusive Key Brothers Merch!

Pictures: and

Both of us take a lot of Photos, please visit our sites to see if you like any of our images?

Things we make:

Dave have an Etsy shop Digby Does on which we will be selling an increasing array of things that we have made. This is starting with Dave’s custom designed minimalist leather wallets, but will be growing rapidly slowly as we get our act together!

Some examples of the leather wallets, card holders, pouches and “things” that Dave makes are shown below. The Wallet is my own design and can hold 6-7 cards in a way that protects them from getting bent and notes up to £50. It’s minimalist as well as being nice and tactile when you roll it up in your hand. They are “handed” though, so I make left and right handed ones 😀

Please get in touch if you see anything you like, or I can make to order. I have leather in the colours shown and a few others not used yet. Most leather is recycled and so is eco friendly and unique. I also have some new leather (the darker brown wallet…)