Farewell captain Corelli

I have had this idea in the pipeline for a while, and it’s amazing. Well, in my head it is, anyway. I hadn’t really planned to start this so son, but took action as soon as I realised I could.

The plan was that once I have read a book, I can send it out into the world so that other people can read it. I won’t do it for all books, as there are some that I really want to keep, but I want to send out as many as I can. But, there is even more to my amazing plan then just book distribution!

Here is the first book that I have sent out, and more the point, I did it yesterday!


Yeeees, you guested it, Captain Corelli’s Mandolin. We had a family trip to Swanage in Dorset, and that is far enough away from the real Mr.Pocobooc’s home for it to be a great place to philanthropically release my first book into the wild. The book was left at Love Cake Etc which, as an aside, does a brilliant range of things to eat and a seriously decadent hot chocolate.


But, even in such lovely surroundings,  we don’t want to just leave books all over the place willy nilly do we? Where’s the fun in that? My extra twist to this is a note that I have stuck inside the front cover.


Ideally, I would like to have taken more time over the whole thing. I have a plan for future “deployments” that will allow some info to be visible on the front cover without actually damaging the book. Sadly, that has to wait yesterday as I only realised I could use our trip to get the book on its way about 30 minutes before we left!

I’m going to create a new menu item (I did it, it’s here)that tracks books that I send out. Once that’s done I just need some people to read the books and get in touch…

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