Sean Lock Tribute

19th August 2021 Sean Lock Tribute

One of my favourite comedians, Sean Lock, passed away yesterday. He was genuinely one of the funniest people that has existed and I completely identified with the way he saw the world.

Channel 4 are putting on one of Sean’s standup shows as well as a seminal episode of 8/10 cats does countdown, so I figured it would be good to stick it on here for posterity and maybe a nice chat.

This totally unprecedented programming breaks all the film club rules:

  • It’s on a Thursday
  • It’s at 10pm not 8 (is there a 10 out of 8 cats joke there… probably not!)
  • It’s live TV with adverts.

I’m just going to stick the telly on at 22:00 on Channel 4. It would be good to chat below if anyone’s watching too.

If you’re new to Film Club, have a read the Tenets and maybe see you on a Friday night?

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