Hello Word Press, nice to be here

Evening all. Well, what the bloody hell happened there? One minute I was finishing Altered Carbon and trying to find the time to write the review before starting Terry Brooks – The Sword of Shannara. Next thing I know, I’ve half written the review in evernote (other note apps are available) and moved my blog!!

I’m not going to go into the finer reasons why I moved, but suffice to say that my mate just setup a blog, started on blogger, did one post and moved. I was always on the edge of going the WordPress route, and I am a sheep (do androids dream of electronic sheep? is on my read before the blog list) so here I am.

Basically, I thought it was best to move before I got more than the 3 views a day I currently get, and I have a sneaking suspicion that those are me 🙂 Twitter is beginning to be a bit more interactive, but it is early days. So i have just stuffed most of the previous links i posted to twitter. Better cut and run early. Anyway, thanks to SocraticSustain for nudging me over. Get on with blogging you massive T***

So, that’s me done for now


p.s. I might accidentally trip over and accidentally land at the open first page of The Sword of Shannara tomorrow on the train? I promise I will tweet just to record the details of my misdemeanor of I do (he says while staging the book in his work bag…)

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