My connected web expands.

So here I am, blogging away like a good’un, but who is looking?? Well a couple of bored mates, but that’s it at the moment. Even so, I still wanted to make my content accessible to more people via more channels. Because of the magic of Google, blog posts already get copied to my google+ page, but I want more. This doesn’t actually mean any more people will read the blog, but it does expand the options when they do. I found this URL:-

It describes how you can link account together using a website called IFTTT, that stands for “If This Then That. I didn’t use all of the lifehacker method, but it led me to IFTTT, it is fantastic! When I say that I really mean it. I work in IT and so much of what I use looks good, but is actually a pain in the arse. This service is great, it does exactly what it says it will, simply and effectively. I have:-

  • connected blogger with Facebook so blog posts trigger a Facebook post with a link
  • connected blogger with Twitter so blog posts trigger a tweet with a link
  • connected twitter to Facebook so that tweets to small for the blog get to Facebook.
So, you can follow on google+, follow on Twitter, follow on Facebook or come direct to the blog 🙂

The final test

I have said how good IFTTT is, but as I have not posted to the blog yet, it might just be a really nice looking website that doesn’t work! When I push go, we will see if everything works…
Wish me luck!

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