Next book: James Herbert – The Fog

Evening all. I am within spitting distance of finishing Captain Corelli’s Mandolin and have been planning a bit of a new idea for future books. I should have realised this right at the start, but this blog is called a book club! As far as I can, I will post a blog entry before I finish my current book with details of my next book. If any of you lovely readers out there want to join in, you can. Kind of like a club and stuff 🙂
Now, I did realise that if I am going to be serious about this, I cant actually ask you to go out and buy the book that I am reading as that would negate my aim to stop consuming stuff. If I go about asking you all to buy stuff then I’m making myself part of the problem. Therefore I have to ask you to follow these rules
  1. If you have loads of unread books, read those first and tweet or blog about it. If you do, tell me on the blog or on twitter 🙂
  2. If you can find it second hand that is great
  3. If you can get the book from the library then great too
If you really want to buy it and you have loads of unread books, then at least you will be reading what I hope to be a good cross section of books including all kinds of random title along the way 🙂
So what’s my next book? Stupid question considering the title I gave this post. I had a long look through my bookcase, and came up with a choice of two. Given my last two books, I really wanted to go for something that didn’t include war or socialism! I came up with a choice of two, and I’m not sure that you could get two more different books.

 I was really divided between the two for so many reasons. I chose The Fog mainly because I know that Danny Wallace is pretty much the same as he was before he wrote his book, and it claims that it will change your life on the cover. I will obviously still ready this book, and it gets a good rating on goodreads. Next its The Fog, so if you wanna, grab your copy and I will post a blog entry to give the signal to start reading.

Last thing. Here is a pic of my copy of the book. I “inherited” it from my dad a very long time ago. My copy was published in 1977, so I was a year old then… Back to the last bit of CCM. It is really good, not sure how many books I can rate 8/10 before I have to make a change.

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