Next Book: Richard Morgan – Altered Carbon

Hi everyone. Another quick post to announce my next book. I am just over half way through Raven so I wanted to choose what I would follow it with. I have just replied to a tweet about The Wheel of Time series. These books were really highly recommended to me and I managed to buy the first 8 books at a car boot sale years ago. Only problem is that I seem to have misplaced the first book! It looks like there are times where a post consumer book reader really must buy a book or two to get to their goal. That means that The Wheel of Time series can’t be my next book 🙁

It didn’t take me long to choose this as my next book, and I don’t have a detailed reason why I did. I want to try to vary my books as much as possible. That’s partly because I like to do that, and partly because I have a few series of books coming up, and I think that the blog would get a bit samey if I read a quintet back to back.

My brother bought me Altered Carbon for my birthday a few years ago. I think that he saw it reviewed as I’m pretty sure that he hasn’t read it himself. It gets very good reviews and apparently won some awards and stuff… So, usual rules apply, if you have the book or can get hold of it, I will try to give you some notice before I embark on this next cyberpunk adventure.

Until then, onward with Raven

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