What’s this all about then?

I created this blog because…

I was in a second hand book shop at the weekend (August 2014) and I was looking at books – as you do! I didn’t buy anything on that occasion, but I do buy books. Second hand, in book shops, on line. I consume.

Well, this weekend I stopped. “Why did you stop Dave?” I hear you metaphorically cry, closely followed by “How did I know your name is Dave?” Well, I’m glad that you asked – about why I have stopped buying books.

I have a house full of books. I have one main bookcase which has the things stacked on top of each other, and I have boxes of them that have been relegated to the loft. But here is the kicker, I haven’t read half of them!!

I consume; I go shopping and I am a consumer, I buy stuff.

But on the other hand, I don’t consume; I horde books that I think I will like, then don’t reap the benefit of my hunting. I don’t actually read all of them!

I think that this problem is quite common. We know what books we like and we buy the books that fit this definition. We don’t consider whether we will have time to read them, or what we have previously bought (Yes, I have bought a book only to find I already own it!) I decided something needed to be done when my e-book collection began to take on the same characteristics. I own a Kobo and use both the Kobo and Kindle apps on my phone. I have previews and bought books in both stores that are 1% read.


So here is my blog. An adventure into the darkest recesses of my bookshelf, my loft and even the shelves of the smallest room in the house. I will always show which book or books I am currently reading, I may blog interim thoughts, but I will definitely post a review with rating when I finish a book. I don’t read a book a day, or even a book a week. In between book updates I will explore the world that I think I am now a part of. I did as little “research” as I could before I set this blog up, only enough to confirm that the blog title was somewhere near accurate! I thought anti consumerism sounded a bit strong, but looking at the wikipedia page suggests that it may be exactly what I am. The term “Post Consumerism” is mentioned in the page, and it sounded a bit more up my street. I’m not against consumerism, but everything in moderation, and for the right reasons. I will therefore augment my journey through the “books I own but have not read” with info and updates on the world of the consumer. That poor unfortunate group of humanity of which I no longer belong?


    1. I’m not in great shape, but I’m trying! I have recently had a clear out, so there is a blog post in it’s early stages about that. There are some books that you just have to accept you are not going to read and some you have to commit to.

      I am an active writer, so am obviously interested in the constant tide of new books, but I have to commit to the old ones too!! Birthdays and Christmas let new stock in, but recently friends being published or self-published has has become a growing tribtary of good quality new writing.

      It’s the choices you make 🙂

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