The Rules

When I read the books that I own, the rules are:-

  1. Include all books that I have not finished. Ones I have read half of still count as not read
  2. When I have read a book, blog a review and rate it
  3. Where books are mentioned I must link to a copy of the book. I will try to go to the publisher and not a sales site.
  4. If I start a book I MUST finish it
  5. If I find a book that I really cant stomach I must give it to charity and blog about why I thought it would be awful without giving it the chance it deserves, nay, leading it into the expectation that I would read it by buying it, then spitefully only using it as a paperweight to hold my bookcase down (they are known to float off you know!)
  6. I am allowed to read more than one book at a time
  7. I reserve the right to read books in whatever order I like. Starting a series of books doesn’t mean I will read them one after the other.
  8. Factual books and reference books must be looked through and interesting facts from their pages conveyed in the book review to show at least some of the info has been taken in. A couple of examples:-
  9. Activity books require a proof that they have been read and used to complete some task e.g.
  10. I can only buy new books under the following special circumstances. I must ‘fess up when this happens.
    1. They are bought for me
    2. Its my birthday

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