Quiz 9 – Amy’s Quiz (age 7-12 & families)

This and Quiz 10 have been contributed by two young ladies who love to write quizzes. They are both quizzes of multiple parts which makes them a bit special. We tried them out earlier and I managed to get some of them right! Thank you very much Amy.

Round 1: Fill in the blanks to name a popstar

  1. —- Cameron
  2. Olly —-
  3. Ariana ——
  4. Lewis  ——-
  5. Katy —–

Round 2: Which city are these famous buildings in?

  1. Eiffel tower
  2. Empire state building
  3. Buckingham palace
  4. Taj Mahal
  5. Golden Gate Bridge

Round 3: Movies

  1. What object helps Dumbo to fly?
  2. How many Toy Story films are there ?
  3. Which band’s songs are the inspiration for the film Mamma Mia?
  4. What type of animal does Princess Jasmine have as a pet?
  5. What colour is Mals hair in the Descendants films?

Round 4: Unscramble the following letters to find the name of a food

  1. nimt
  2. cctlooeah
  3. paelp
  4. ccmieear (two words)
  5. tghpitaeps

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