Quiz 2 – Basketball

  1. Who is on the front cover of the basketball game 2K20?
  2. Who was 2019 NBA most valued player?
  3. What team does Drake support?
  4. What does GOAT stand for?
  5. What is LeBron James’ youngest son called?
  6. Which team does LeBron James play for?
  7. What was “Shaq” O’Neal’s weakness?
  8. How high is a standard basketball hoop in cms?
  9. Who is the Greek freak?
  10. The movie ‘Space Jam’ features characters from which cartoon group?
  11. What is the standard NBA ball size?
  12. How many players from each team are on a basketball court at one time during a game?
  13. Which brand sponsors Stephen Curry?
  14. What basketball player died in a helicopter in 2020?
  15. How many points can be scored from a free throw?
  16. How many quarters are there in an NBA game?
  17. What is the NBA’s watch sponsor called?
  18. Who won the NBA finals in 2019?
  19. What state in the USA is the basketball player LeBron James from?
  20. How long is a game of basketball in minutes?

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