Quiz 5 – Harry Potter

  1. What are the deathly hallows?
  2. What cursed Dumbledore’s hand?
  3. What creatures are invisible if you haven’t seen death?
  4. How is Slyverin’s locket retrieved?
  5. Which actress plays Hermione in Harry Potter?
  6. What can Professor McGonagall turn into?
  7. What is the name of Sirius Black’s elf?
  8. Name the four Hogwart’s houses?
  9. What is Dumbledore’s brother called?
  10. Where are the DA headquarters?
  11. What type of animal is Aragog?
  12. How is Bellatrix Lestrange related to Sirius Black?
  13. What protects the tunnel entrance to Shrieking Shack?
  14. Who predicts Harry fortune?
  15. What is the name of the goblin who helps Harry, Hermione and Ron get into Gringotts?
  16. Where did Hagrid buy the dragon egg?
  17. Who beat Grindlewald to get the Elder Wand?
  18. Who enters Harry for the Triwizard Cup?
  19. Who gives his hand to bring back Voldemort?
  20. What Horcrux is in Bellatrix’s Vault?

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