Quiz 6 – Music

  1. Whose first album was called ‘Baby One More Time’?
  2. Who wrote the 2018 album ‘Scorpion’?
  3. What rapper gang is Blueface from?
  4. Which group’s logo is a pair of lips with it’s tongue out?
  5. What was Billie Eilish’s first album called which was released in 2019?
  6. Jay Kay is the lead singer of which jazz-funk band?
  7. Which member of One Direction left in 2015?
  8. Which pop group was Jayne Aston a member of in the early 80s?
  9. Which Scottish city does Lewis Capaldi come from?
  10. What is the top number of a time signature for?
  11. Who won the X Factor Celebrity in 2019?
  12. Who wrote the album ‘Big Willie Style’?
  13. Name the male vocal in the pop group ‘Dollar’?
  14. Where did Stormzy’s mother come from?
  15. Who wrote Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini?
  16. KT Tunstall sings about a black horse and what?
  17. What are Ariana Grandes’ fans called?
  18. What musical notes do the stave lines of treble clefs represent?
  19. Who did Seal write the song ‘Killer’ with?
  20. In 1991, Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff won a grammy for which song?

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