Quiz 13 – Rock and Metal

This quiz was contributed by our friend Ian. He is a Rock and Metal aficionado, so you’re going to have to know the difference between your German Death Metal and your Italian Gothic if you stand any chance of answering these taxing twenty questions.

  1. Corey Taylor is well known for donning a horror mask fronting for Slipknot. But when the mask comes off what other band is he the face for?
  2. Ozzy is known for devil worship and satanic rituals in his music, but he is infamous for eating a bat on stage, what year and where did this dining delicacy take place?
  3. Biff Byford, the lead singer of the British metal pioneers Saxon wrote a song entitled Dallas 1pm on their 1980 LP ‘Strong arm of the Law,’ but what was the song about?
  4. Metallica are the only one of the fabled Big Four thrash bands to top the UK LP charts with a total of 3 LPs, Metallica, load and Death Magnetic, but what are the names of the other three bands of this brutal gang of 4?
  5. Which band was Dave Mustaine kicked out of for drug and alcohol abuse and what successful thrash band did he go on to form?
  6. Metal bands are well known for long-haired men screaming and shouting but which 3 of these bands have female vocalists? For bonus fun (but no points if you’re counting!) can you identify all the lead singers and their nationalities.
    1. Chelsea Grin
    2. Behemoth
    3. Lacuna Coil
    4. Arch Enemy
    5. Queensryche
    6. Warlock
  7. Ollie Sykes is the founder of Sheffield death metal band, Bring Me the Horizon and has transformed them from brutal beginnings into a huge present-day commercial success. But which Disney film did the band get their name from as the last line spoken in this well know movie?
  8. Saul Hudson, better known to rock fans as Slash, the man behind the music in Guns and Roses. But when he departed GnR in 1996 which super group did he co-found?
  9. Brian Hugh Warner, better known as the controversial stage performer Marilyn Manson, has produced many great rock staples, but with which two 80’s new romantic songs did he cover to gain further commercial success?
  10. Which famous 1970’s classic rock track has been covered by both The Far Corporation in 1985 and Rolf Harris in 1993?
  11. In 2001 Jack Black and Kyle Gass as Tenacious D had some success with their debut track entitled Tribute which takes a lot of influence from Led Zeppelin and has since become a cult classic. But when they played a tribute to the best song in the world who was the famous rock drummer, guitarist and vocalist who played the horny devil they had to defeat in the video?
  12. In 1984 Rick Allen crashed his car on new years eve, he survived but lost his left arm. To which successful stadium rock band did he return to continue playing for with an adapted drum kit for the next 36 years?
  13. Sepultura were formed as a thrash metal band in 1984 and were not uncomfortable in the company of the big 4. With band members such as Massimiliano Antonio ‘Max’ Cavalera and drummer Eloy Casagrande, which unlikely country do the band hail from?
  14. In 1989 against a UN ban the US military blared hells bells for two days when Panama’s General Manual Noriega took refuge in the Vatican Embassy. He surrendered. Which famous mega rock band penned this gentle tune?
  15. In 1992 to a flying, fencing singer/ guitarist wrote a series of books about an aristocratic semi-transvestite called Lord Iffy Boatrace. His band now fly to their gigs all over the world, but who is he and what is the Flight number of this beast of a plane.
  16. ‘You know I’m born to lose, and gambling’s for fools, but that’s the way I like it baby, I don’t want to live forever’ was penned by which rock god who sadly passed in 2015?
  17. The masked stage antics of Slipknot have to be seen to be believed, but how many members run amok during there 2 hour set of madness on their 2019 tour?
  18. This classic 70’s rock band have had 6 singers including Rod Evans, Tommy Brolin, Joe Lynn Turner, and Ian Gillan., Which other singer for the band went on to form a band who had hits with Fool for your loving, Ain’t no love in the heart of the City and Here I go again?
  19. Which Armenian/American band’s unique brand of metal actually featured in the film ‘The Secret Life of Pets’ in 2016 with a rather noisy track entitled Bounce which was actually written in 2001?
  20. Dimebag Darrell was the songwriter and influential guitarist of the groove metal band Pantara. But what happened to him in December 2004 to bring the bands career to an abrupt end?

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