Quiz 11 – Sport

  1. Who won the 2019 Grand Prix drivers’ championship?
  2. Where would twenty 20s Olympic Games have been held?
  3. what’s another name for two over par in golf?
  4. How many points is an official badminton match played to?
  5. Who recently beat the two-hour marathon time?
  6. Is it possible to dunk in netball?
  7. What’s the most you can score with the bowl of one cricket ball?
  8. In the Oxford and Cambridge boat race, how many rowers are in each boat?
  9. What sport is played with a ball in a swimming pool?
  10. What’s the main difference about tennis at Wimbledon and tennis in the French Open?
  11. What are the three types of Golf Club?
  12. How many balls are used to play English Billiards?
  13. What’s the shortest athletics running distance?
  14. What bird are the feathers of a shuttlecock made from?
  15. Who won the 2019 Grand Prix constructors’ championship?
  16. Which athletics discipline consists of 10 events?
  17. How long is a marathon in miles?
  18. When you serve in table tennis should the ball hit your side first?
  19. In which sport isn’t epee used?
  20. In which sport are strengthened road bikes raced off-road?

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