Book Review – The Story of O by Pauline Réage

It has taken me all week to get round to writing then submit this review. (don’t you just love the day job huh!) I had the review idea worked out pretty quickly, but I had to wait for the weekend to whip it into shape. I sometimes get strapped for ideas, but I know that I am bound by The Rules to write a review of all the books that I read.

I wanted to write a review of The Story of O that contains piercing insight, a review that would go down in the anals of history as one of the best. After all, the book is branded as one of the most important works of erotic fiction ever written. Unfortunately, I knew from the first moment I opened the book that a full review would be a bit too racy for most people. There are things being forced, whipped and buggered all over the place! But this is a very well written book: the prose is clean and flows very well. It was the frankness of the story which dominates that prose which took me by surprise. It’s very hard to write a sensible review on this subject, I was strapped for ideas so I decided to crop this review down to the bare minimum and just subtly marked the odd word here or there to hint at the contents of the book…

I could wax on for ages about this book, but to conclude, does The Story of O deliver? Corset does 🙂

Rating: 7/10

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