Booklist complete… Almost

IMG_20150424_214824Yo, how are you lot today?? I am, as usual, a bit behind with this blog thingy, but I am doing a lot behind the scenes at the moment which should improve things. If you follow my twitter account (@pocobooc) then you will know that a large part of last weekend was taken up with the creation of a book list. This is ALL of the books that I own but have not read yet, all lined up and all in one massive list. I took the time to categorise them, broadly, into ones that I will read properly, ones that are reference and a couple of other groups that I will reveal later. I have catalogued all this fun with a huge number of photos, a spreadsheet and an evernote note. I now have to organise it all and (most importantly) work out the best way to show it on my book activity page. I also want to integrate the books on the loose info; again for future expansion plans. Queue evil laugh – BWAHAHAHAAAAaaa.

I took the categorised books and worked out the right IMG_20150424_224438order for series of books where applicable. I do have some gaps, for instance I own Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time books numbers 2,3,6 and 10. I am therefore going to have to work out how to start that particular series from the first book. In this case I know I used to own the first one, but it is no longer with me. I either need to order it for a birthday or get it from the library. I will cross that bridge when I get to it… Once categories were ordered, I started the book list with a category, then interleaved the next and the next. I ended up with a very long line of books. The photo on the right is the line about 3/4 of the way through.

DSCF4632The most time consuming part of the process was working out what to do with the books that were left over! The main list of books went straight into my main bookcase and what didn’t fit went in the loft, but there are only so many other places to stuff books. Ultimately I managed to do it and I now have some order in my book world. BUT…

On the way home in the car I realised a major gap in my now perfect list. An imperfection of what may be gargantuan proportions. It is actually an issue in itself that I can not currently estimate the scale of the issue!! I haven’t included any of my e-books. I have books in Kobo. I have books in Kindle. I have some “independent” e-books that I “found” and I need to have an internal conversation about what to do with them!!! I therefore have to add all of my digital estate into the list, but I have a list to add them to, so that is good :)

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