My thoughts on writing in 2012. Still relevant?

Hi blog, very long time no see. That is because I have been writing an actual story! I have also been editing some stuff and reading a lot. I know I neglect you blog, but that’s just the way it is going to be. Please be appreciative of the words I send you…

This post is copied verbatim (poor grammar and all) from a doc I wrote in 2012. It is a point in time and I thought it would be good to share. It was nice to find this as from the point I wrote it, the cogs began to whir and I ultimately created this blog and am at the literary pinnacle of book 1 chapter 2!


P.S. there is rude swearing in the text below…


By Pocobooc 26/11/12

so, lets stop fucking about. I have been “about to write” for years. I have mucked about with setup and thinking and planning and worrying (in the fidgety, picky way). I have taken too long to get to this point, and now I am holding back on the main event by stating how bad I was at getting there for so long…

I have a text editor (read web based cloud document editor that automatically saves my jibber) and not much else. I have specifically not written a title, formatted anything (including centering anything) I havent given this a title. Im just writing,,,

I am watching “on the road” on my smart TV. The film is digital and is sitting on a hard drive under my stairs that is connected to a Raspberry Pi that is running squeezebox which is a tiny linux distro. That is running a twonky server which is serving the film to my smart TV. Smart eh. And I like to think that im not a geek!!!

I am also quite proud of the fact that my media server uses about 15 watts. My amp uses more than that. When I go to bed and everything that can be off is off, our whole house pulls about 60 watts. In usual operation it pulls about 200

so where was I. Im watching on the road, and its based around beatnik writters and the main character started off with writters block, and its been nagging me that Ive not written anything based on sentences for a very long time. Ive written ideas. Ive written documents for work. dry documents that require long words and concentration, but they dont excite, they dont break out of anything. They tie down, they restrict and define and inform. Better than nothing, but only just!

I went to Alresford on Sunday. Becky wanted to look at some boots, but the shop was shut. We went to a lavender barn, etc etc etc AND we went to a second hand book shop AND I bought a hardback book with Kurt Cobain’s journals. And again, there is a person who can cut loose and just write. Might be shite, might not make sense, but its there. its not still in his fucking head incase its not organised right. Although on a side note, my head is still on my fucking shoulders and capable of thinking, but I consider that only some small advantage.

My new Monday 26th Nov 2012 resolution (one time availability I suppose)

I am going to actually create. Be it websites, stories, books, painting. anything. I am going to complete things even if the end up shite.
To close I need to say that this is a very positive aim. I am not generally scared of creating. This is not a problem like that. There are many reasons that I have not done this before. Perfection, OCD (not real) etc etc etc… … bored now. over and out


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