The Month of August – A roundup

Good morning (or generic time of day where you are) everyone. How the bloody hell are you? It’s been aaggeeesss since I last bothered to visit, and I’m going to tell you why. Things are gonna change round here (again) and that is for the better…

Let’s start this story from the last time I visited. My last post was the book review of Minority Report on the 24th July. It’s the 5th September today, so that is 6 weeks of total absence, basically the whole school summer holidays! I am really sorry I neglected you 🙁 What follows is an update of what I have been doing and what I plan to do next…

Firstly, I have been reading a lot (Castle of Wizardry, Consider Phlebas, Eden & Gardening t Eden, Dead Air.) I haven’t reviewed any books, but I have rated them all in the book list in my book activity page. I have mentioned before that I really wanted to use this blog and my whole Post Consumer reading challenge as a way to ready more, write more and see where it takes me. Well, it doesn’t take me to being chained to writing book reviews and nothing else. I am therefore going to try to do a monthly round up of my book reading progress from now on.

I still want to use some of my time to write more diverse articles for this site. I really do still want to investigate consumerism and various other “stuff”. I want to understand, at least for myself, where my previous meager attempts at shrugging off consumerism have gone wrong and how I can rectify that.

My writing has taken a sharp upward turn this month, in volume if not quality! I have joined a writing group and this consists of a health mix of about an hours writing workshop each month, followed by at least 2 hours in a pub 🙂 This group has inspired me to finally dust off the book that was 0.000001% complete and get on with writing properly. I have now written about 2000 words in draft and the imaginative humours are up.

Lastly, I am trying to find ways to move further into the bookish world with a possible, maybe, option, vague plan, thought of doing this more as a job in the future. Writing books is obviously a route to do that, but it is apparent from the number of authors that I follow on Twitter that this is definitely not a street paved with gold or even copper for the vast majority. I am writing a book because I want to… So, maybe there are some articles in me? Maybe there is half a copy-editor in me (ewww) or maybe there is a blend of all 3, plus a few more, that could work? When I started this blog I was dipping a toe into the literary world. Over a year on, I am very glad I started this Journey and I guess my foot is submerged; still writing the blog, going to writing club, writing a book. Wow, this feels good.

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