Quiz 4 – Salisbury

  1. What five rivers flow through the city?
  2. Who painted a famous view of the Cathedral across the water meadows?
  3. How many entrances are there to the Cathedral Close?
  4. What famous politician’s can you visit in Salisbury’s Cathedral Close?
  5. How tall is the Cathedral spire?
  6. What is Salisbury hospital called?
  7. Name the ancient settlement on the city outskirts?
  8. What is the bus company called?
  9. What type of stone is Stonehenge predominantly made from?
  10. What is the name of city centre’s Industrial Estate?
  11. Which famous local author wrote ‘The Spire’.
  12. What is Salisbury Football Club also known as?
  13. Name the oldest public house in Salisbury?
  14. What are the three shopping precincts called?
  15. What road are all the estate agents situated on?
  16. What is Salisbury’s local radio station?
  17. Which ancient way allows you to walk from Salisbury to Winchester?
  18. A copy of what important document (a copy of) can be found at Salisbury Cathedral?
  19. Who owns Mompesson House which is located in the Cathedral Close?
  20. What is Salisbury’s famous theatre called?

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