Quiz 4 – Salisbury

Salisbury Quiz Answers

  1. Avon, Bourne, Ebbie, Nadder and the Wylye
  2. John Constable
  3. There are 3 that are publicly accessible, but an extra two exist; one for Cathederal School and one via Bishops Wordsworth School. The answer is therefore 5, but you can decide how lenient you want to be??
  4. Sir Edward (Ted) Heath
  5. 123m (404 feet)
  6. Odstock
  7. Old Sarum
  8. Salisbury Reds
  9. There are two acceptable answers to this question! sarsen sandstone and bluestone. The large upright ring of stones are made of sandstone, but the smaller (still up to 4 tonnes!) stones are bluestone from Wales. You still only get one point if you put down both.
  10. Churchfields
  11. William Golding
  12. The Whites
  13. The Haunch of Venison
  14. The Maltings, The Old George Mall, Cross Keys
  15. Catherine Street
  16. Spire FM
  17. The Clarendon Way
  18. The Magna Carta
  19. The National Trust
  20. The Playhouse

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