Temptation and the long road

I am discovering so much about post consumerism. That’s not for this post, but I just wanted to share. Diary wise, I am cracking through The Ragged Trousered Philanthropist, and it is proving to be a much more relevant book to the whole ethos of this blog than I was expecting.

Anyway, onwards. its late and I just wanted to share the pictures below. I’ll start with my first purchasing temptation since the blog started. We went to The Vyne which is a National Trust house in Basingstoke UK. It has a huge second hand book shop in the main house. The photo below is of one of the rooms!

Vyne Book Shop

I actually felt a bit odd when I was reminded that the house had a book shop. Even more odd, I felt a bit of a tingle as I walked into a bookshop knowing that I wasn’t going to buy anything! I don’t always buy in book shops, but the knowledge that I definitely wouldn’t, even if I saw a book I liked was weird. My abstinence from buying didn’t stop me looking though. I was almost willing myself to find a book that I really wanted so that I could not buy it… I am odd in the head!

Later this afternoon, once we were back home, I had to go into our loft to get something. I had a bit of a rummage around and found a couple of cardboard boxes full of books. Some of them I had read, but I found quite a few books I have not read that I had forgotten about!! I thought I would take a photo of a few of them for posterity. I’m looking forward to reading some of these, but there are a couple of odd ones in there. The one about shamanism may be a good practical assignment (??) and I have a feeling that the Monica Lewinski one is going to be hard going, no pun intended. How do you make a book out of “was a secretary, gave the president a blowy, the end”?? Anyway, that one is signed, so I should take care of that. It will be worth a mint one day #definitelywontbe.

Then, once the excitement of finding all those books waned, hidden at the back of the loft I spied the image below. It is the end of a big plastic storage box. It is FULL of books!

*dun dun derrrrr *

This task is getting bigger and bigger! I couldn’t actually get to the box without unpicking quite a few strategically placed, interlocking boxes, so I don’t know what lurks inside! I do know that I have read the two books you can see the spines of. One is a Harry Potter and the other isĀ Siege of Darkness by R.A.Salvatore.

I am actually quite excited about finding these books. There are some titles that I bought because they were books I felt I should read. Maybe not quite classics, but pretty close. It could be argued that The Sword of Shannara was the first big fantasy novel. When I get round to reading it I will try to check whether that is correct or not. The Bourne Identity is another book that I feel needs to be read. I have seen the film and have been told that the books are fantastic. Only one way to find out!

This was meant to be a quick picture based post, so I will stop wittering and go to bed.

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