This Blog’s title and a collective noun for the consumer

This Blog’s Title

My first thought for a title to this blog was “consumerless”. I am a consumer, but I want to do it less. I had a quick look at what was available on blogspot and found a bit of an odd, but I think quite common, situation. (with an r) hosts an almost completely blank blog that is actually titled consumeless (without the r). Slightly confused, I looked at (without the r) and that is another blank blog with the title “Black Friday Blows”. At least this site has a title that suggests an anti consumerist sentiment….

So, with thanks to the people who swiped those blog names, I happily found the title of my site and prefer it to either of the other options!

Once the excitement of having a blog had subsided, I realised. Both of those other blogs were created by people who have an opinion on consumerism and, one expects, agree with doing less of it. In both cases the owner has created a blog, consumed a name and now owns a “thing” only to have not done anything with it. Classic case of hoarding. How many blogspot sites are created and empty?? One for another Diary entry me thinks??

Collective Nouns for Consumers

I wanted to create the collective noun for “Consumers” as I didn’t think that there was one. As always, I googled it to check. At first I only found pages stating that as “consumers” is plural, it is already the collective noun. That was of course, not satisfactory in the least. Our most heinous group must be describable in a more interesting way. I propose the collective noun for a group of consumers should be a grab or a hoard! I imagine a little huddle of people zipping around grabbing whatever they can, or the obvious hoarding tendencies.

Then I found a slightly more official website. no less! They list a Glut or a Cash. I like both if these. If I had to pick one it would be cash. I think that a glut usually happens to you (I’m thinking courgettes.) But lets you add your own suggestions. Now, thanks to this blog has made some new entries! You heard it here first. I added a grab, and a hoard of consumers. Immortalised on the internet for all to see… (If you can work out how to see all my contributions on the site, you will also find a rude one that has been created as a dedication to my Father. We invented a collective noun one day a long time ago, and it is now logged on the official site 🙂

Thank you and good night.

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