The Book List is finally 100% complete!

My list of books has been in existence for a very very long time. It is the reason why I started the blog and the reason I have been consciously reading since last August, almost 10 months ago. The problem until today was that I didn’t know the full extent of my challenge. The list wasn’t written down, it was literally only evident in the physical presence of the books I own it was defined logically, but was in no way visible. I knew that it was going to take a very long time to complete, I knew that it would drag me through every possible emotion (including boredom!) and I knew that it would make me write this blog and therefore instil a discipline so that I can get more and more into writing as I go. Other than that I didn’t know anything.

The essence of both my reading and writing ambitions is to do more of both, to commit to them and see what happens. From the day I started the blog I knew I needed to get organised at some point. I wanted to start quickly and strike while I my idea was fresh in my head, but over the first few months I got more involved with reading and reviewing than I did with organising and other blogging about, for instance, I don’t know, maybe post consumerism?

The actual kick up the arse for getting this book list finally sorted was Andy Miller. He actually thought about his list before he started. As it happens, Andy managed to take multiple years to get going with the actual reading part. But in reading his book I realised that I didn’t have a clue what the scope of my challenge was. There wasn’t anything wrong with not having a list, but to be able to see what is coming, to have created some kind of sequence and to know where any of the rare new books should be added is going to be a revelation for me.

So, without further ado, I have the great pleasure of being able to direct you to my book list. Please step right this way Madame et Mesures to the massive link below:

My Book Activity page that contains my Massive Book List

It’s just a spreadsheet at the moment, but it will evolve over time. It has additional tabs for books I own that don’t belong on the list, but the star attraction is the 210 books I own that I haven’t read! I have managed to knock off 25 since I started this “interesting” journey, but I have a loooooong way to go.

Every now and then I am planning to throw in something from the “Read Then Do” list. These are practical books that I should be able to not just read, but prove that I have read with an interesting practical test. Although it is actually on the Reading List, my current book The Natural Navigator is going to have a practical element which, lets face it will probably result in me and mate getting horrendously lost, or, maybe not? Only time will tell.

So, wish me luck with my list and check in to see how I’m doing every now and then. It would be great to see you 🙂


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