Just a plain old diary entry

Evening all. I feel like I haven’t posted for ages which probably means that it’s been even longer than that!

To give you a quick update, I’m almost finished The Damned by Tarn Richardson. I had a heavy week at work last week, but I’m off until Wednesday this week, so I hope I can finish the book and get the reivew done? At the very least I should have the first draft bashed out. Once that is finished I need to get back to The Natural Navigator by Tristan Gooley. I have paused that half way through as The Damned got started prematurely… I must admit that it is good to have some time to conjugate the concepts in The Natural Navigator though. I am being much more aware of what I am doing, or more specifically where I am doing it and what way I’m facing while I do it… Whatever ‘it’ may happen to be.

Over and out, back to the reading


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