A tweak and a sneak – Twitter and The Damned.

The Tweak

I have been having a bit of an issue with the time I divide between Twitter and this blog. I seem to spend a lot of time tweeting and reading tweets when I really want to  write more and read things of more than 140 characters. So, here is what could be a slight realignment from Twitter to the blog. This will hopefully still mean productive tweeting, but also some slightly smaller and more regular blogging. I really wanted to use this blog as a place to get words written regularly. I originally wanted to catalogue my adventure into books and various other things, but at the same time, give myself the opportunity to regularly write. I know that I usually don’t go anywhere near the full editing process, I barely re-read what I write sometimes! It’s only when I really have time that I faff around and re-arrange structure etc.

Oi, you were meant to say that you hadn’t noticed, that you thought everything here was professional and well polished: you were meant to lie!!

TheDamnedCoverThe Sneak

My friend Tarn Richardson has written a book called The Damned and it is for some unknown arcane book-world reason, available now; before the release date. A sneaky early release. Go to Amazon and buy it, or better still, go to your local book shop and buy it. Apparently it is not on the shelves yet, but it’s in stock with “most major book retailers” and can be requested.

I might have mentioned The Damned once or twice? Either way, Tarn has been working on it for ages, and it is officially released next week! The launch party is on Saturday (23rd May) in a secret location beneath a church or something? I read and reviewed the short prequel called The Hunted back in February and it suitably whetted my appetite. My anticipation of the book itself has been building nicely ever since. There was a publisher give-away in London a while back and reviews hit goodreads that were all very very positive; appetite whetted even more. I could possibly have wangled a copy of the book early, but I wanted the anticip…

…ation. I want to go to the launch party and get a copy there, and get it signed there, then take it home and read it (perhaps not on the night. Apparently there will be beer…) I want to be able to blog a review and for it to be at a time when everyone else (yes, yes, my thousands of readers: You.) can get a copy too. So I will, watch this space.


  1. I spend faaaar too much time on Twitter and even my blog posts, much though I love them. I too started my blog as a way to hold myself accountable for writing something every day. I do write every day now, but just not the creative stuff I really intended to write.

    1. Yeh, I write every day, but I don’t think reports & work email count?? I’m finding that reading and writing are fighting for my time and have concluded that I enjoy doing both, so it doesn’t really matter which wins on any particular day.

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